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Formerly known as Mindful Mama Threads, I started with a very bland website, a small support group and about three shirts that had some variation of 'mama' written across the chest. As time passed and my old love for art began to resurface I ventured out to new and more intricate designs (some might say weird). From there the brand was a tool to help me find ME and express myself shamelessly. That's pretty scary, putting your true self out there for the world to see, but to my surprise my support grew rapidly. Sacred Sundaze comes from a place of all of the things I have grown into, the comfort of fully being yourself and loving it. Expressing yourself without feeling the need to put a singular label on whatever it is you are comfortable with. This brand was recreated to encourage everyone to comfortably be themselves despite society maybe shaming you or it being out of the 'norm'. Fly your weird flag here and be the incredibly perfect individual person that you really are. Love you all.

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